Meet Zachary

My name is Zachary Typhair, and I am a 21-year-old who is a longtime Kingston resident and wants to make Kingston a better place. 

I have now worked on two Green campaigns, one provincial and one federal, and I also worked on Bridget Doherty and Robert Kiley’s city council campaigns in 2018. I was a scrutineer for Bridget’s city council campaign. I have held 3 executive roles on the local executive for the provincial side; Youth Representative (2017-2018), communication director (2018-2019) and the Vice President position (2019-2020). I was also one of the founding members of The Green Party of Canada Kingston and The Islands electoral district association, and since the founding Annual General Meeting, I have served as the volunteer and membership chair for over a year, I’m currently the CEO of the EDA. I have helped build a Green presence in Kingston and The Islands during and off election time.  

Before I moved to Kingston, I lived with my single-parent mother. I grew up not having to worry about food being on the table or a place to sleep at night only because just like most single parents, my mother would work when I and my two brothers were at school, then would come home, cook, clean, then go back to work for the midnight shift. When I was twelve, I moved in with my grandparents who were both small business owners working sometimes 12 hours a day, seven times a week and yet would still face financial hardship. So many Ontarians are working harder than ever before and still falling behind. In a society with the wealth and resources that this country has, there is no excuse for having families work so much harder and yet fall further behind. My upbringing has been a mixture of low-income and middle class, and if I had to retain one thing I learned from my childhood, it would be the sacrifices that my mother and grandmother made for me; these sacrifices are the same sacrifices that so many other single parents and small business owners are making. 

I’m running as your 2022 Green candidate in Kingston and the Islands because if I am elected, I want to fight at Queen’s Park to make life more affordable for every Ontarian. I want to make housing more affordable, introduce a living wage and universal daycare so single parents can go to work and not spend most of their income on daycare, rent, food, and other bare essential items. I want to live in a province that allows families to work and spend time together. People that are working 30 hours or more should not have to choose between paying their bills or feeding their families. 

I have a dream that Ontario’s 2022 election will be the last election where affordability is an issue; in 2018, Ontarians were promised a more affordable Ontario and they are still waiting for that promise. I’m asking for your support so I can fight at Queen’s Park as Kingston and The Islands where I will ensure all hardworking Ontarians are not left behind. 

I’m not like other politicians who pretend they understand how the middle class feels; I don’t need to speak from cards to say what being middle class is like because I’ve lived through it and still am. I’m a minimum wage worker who worked through the pandemic who is living with 3 housemates because housing there is no affordable housing for minimum wage worker. Most of my money goes towards rent and food; the little bit I have left is for trying to pay my tuition just like so many other students. So many students make cuts so they can have their own places to live in and try to pay off as much of their tuition as they can before the interest puts them further behind. 

I have inherited my family’s fighting spirit to never back down when it comes to doing what is needed; my family did it for their family and I’m doing it so more people can get further ahead and not work themselves to death. Together we can break the affordability barrier that is holding back so many Ontarians, and help more people build a better future for themselves and their families. 

I’m asking for your support so you can get the action you want. If I am elected as your next MPP I will ensure that this is the election where affordability is not an issue in the next election. We are in this together and I know you are ready to see action. 

If you want to get involved with the campaign or learn where I stand on certain issues, then contact me at: