Meet Team Typhair

Fintan Hartnett: Campaign Manager  

In 2015 I moved back to Canada with my young family after being based in Cape Town, South Africa, for several years.  We chose to settle in Kingston, along the shores of Lake Ontario, where I run a small maritime training center.  I’m a devoted father of three boys and a professional sailor who sails small boats on big oceans and has a deep respect for the natural world.

Few understand the inherent dangers of climate uncertainty as well as ocean-going mariner’s, who depend on reliable meteorological data to stay alive.  While weather is an occupational hazard for most sailors, my experiences and research have left me with no doubt that mankind is responsible for the current climate crisis, and mankind needs to make things right before it’s too late for my kids to enjoy all this planet has to offer. 

Accredited as a Master of Yachts (200gt) unlimited and as a Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster Instructor, I also hold a BA from the University of Toronto and an MA from University College Dublin, though, 

Sailing in and around Africa and other equally challenged parts of the globe, has made me keenly aware of the effects of drought, income inequality and war.  I don’t take the privilege of being a Canadian lightly and feel Canadians have a duty to lead the charge in making the world a better place.  For me that starts at home, that is why I am supporting Zachary as his campaign manager because I believe he will do what needs to be done.

Reginald Nii-Aponsah : CFO 

My name is Reginald Nii-Aponsah and I work with the Athletics and Recreation Department at Queens University, having previously worked as a Project Manager in Ghana for the Black Star International Film Festival. I come with a wealth of knowledge in politics. I have experience in financial management, event hosting. I hold an MBA from the University of Ghana. I believe Zach is the best person to represent Kingston and The Islands. 

Maisie Mulder: Visual Artist

Hi. My name is Maisie Mulder. I’m 24 years old working as a graphic designer. I honestly was never into politics till now, I thought that if you don’t pay attention to them they would just go away. These past couple of years I have realized that you can’t do that. When things start happening that affect you (like climate change, housing and funding for my education) you have to do something about it, or it won’t get better. I met Zach at the college, I remember sitting down with him and he had on this “Vote Green” pin and I asked him how old he was and he told me 18. I have to say I was very impressed, when I was 18 I didn’t have a lot of motivation as Zach does. I support Zach 100%. During college, I was working at a restaurant and I told Zach about tips and how it’s not fair that servers make less them minimum wage and have to rely on tips to make a living. He listened to every word I said and got to understand what we as servers go through. I think that is one of the best strengths every politician should have. To listen, to just listen to people and not just assume what’s best for them. So please vote for Zach! Your vote will not be a waste.

Jessica Higgins: Social Media Manager

Hi, my name is Jessica Higgins. I’m a 4th-year philosophy student at Queens University. Next year I am interested in going to law school and once my degree is complete, I am hoping to be a human rights lawyer. As I am passionate about the rights of my fellow Canadians and ensuring that everyone can receive their rights hence why I want to advocate for those who can’t advocate for themselves.

Although I’m a relatively new voter, my vote has always been to the green party as I find the party most aligns with my own goals for the issues within Canada. Prior to this year, I had never engaged in politics aside from voting but this year I really felt a change needed to occur within Canada and how it was being run. This year I volunteered for the Green party in Kingston and the Islands, and Zach was one of the first people I met who made me feel right at home with the campaigning and volunteering. While canvassing with Zach he made a point of listening to what the public had to say, whether it was positive or negative he took it into account, trying to implement a real change. I think unfortunately over the years many politicians have forgotten to listen to the public’s concerns and issues making them feel as though their voices are not heard when everyone deserves to have their voice heard. I am very excited to be a part of Zach’s team as I feel that he is someone who will have the public’s interest in mind and will be able to implement real change within Kingston and the Islands and Canada for the better.

Heather Ramsay: Grassroots coordinator 

Hello, my name is Heather Ramsay. I live in Kingston, Ontario with my husband John Vallis, who is also a Green volunteer. I retired from my career in telecommunications in 2013. We moved to Kingston in 2016 to be near our daughter and grandchildren and we love Kingston!

I first met Zach Typhair in 2018 during the provincial election campaign. I supported his bid to be the federal candidate in the 2019 election because and I was impressed by his knowledge and commitment to bettering the lives of the people of Ontario. And I’m supporting him for his bid to be the provincial candidate for Kingston and The Islands in the next provincial election.

John Vallis: Grassroots coordinator 

Hello, my name is John Vallis. I live in Kingston, Ontario with my wife Heather Ramsay. I was born and raised in Toronto and lived there until 2012. I spent most of my working life as a professional actor.

In 2011 I inherited some money and we bought a house, moving to Whitby in 2012. We became involved with the Green Party there and helped out with the federal election in 2015.

We moved to Kingston in 2016, a city that we love, to be near our daughter and her children. I met Zach Typhair when we were both working on the Rob Kiley campaign for a seat in the Ontario Legislature in 2018. I was very impressed with Zach’s knowledge of politics and Green Party politics in particular. I was also very impressed with his commitment to work to improve the lives of the people of Kingston. I supported him when he was running to be the federal candidate in the 2019 election. And I support him in his bid to become the provincial candidate for Kingston and The Islands in the next provincial election.

Joshua Lopes: Campaign researcher

My name is Joshua Lopes. I’m 20 years old and attending Loyalist College, studying Interactive Media Development. Although my career focus is predominantly art-focused, viewing society and its struggles through the lens of scientific pragmatism has always been something that I held in high regard. As such, I am pleased to state my involvement as part of Zach Typhair’s campaign. To me, achieving a prosperous state of society has always required a proper balance between Idealist Innovation and Realist Strategy, and I am very much comfortable in stating that, in my view, the goals that Zach has put forth for his campaign strike a very nice balance between these core components. Admittedly, I might be a little biased (having known Zach since Sophomore year of High School), but even so, I doubt I would be as confident in his work if it weren’t for his strong grasp on the current political landscape and his staunchly firm stance on a variety of important social issues, including education, healthcare, environmental preservation, and many more. The ambition and adaptivity that Zach possesses is, quite frankly, a quality that ought to be admired, and considering his involvement in the Green Party since his adolescent years, it’s safe to say that he’s built up quite a bit of experience when it comes to the political landscape of Ontario. Suffice it to say, if you’re one of many individuals like myself who wish to have at least some control in the affairs of current world events, it should be blatantly obvious who you ought to vote for; I stand firm in my proclamation that Zach Typhair is about as close as you can get to having one of your own tribe in office.

Dr.Waji Khan: Fundrasing Director

My name is Waji Khan and I own a business in Kingston called Cat Woods Dentistry.  For the last 10 years, I have built a strong, successful practice in the Kingston community, focusing on being a supportive community business, sponsoring activities as diverse as the Kingston Ice Wolves and Dan Feguson’s race car. In 2016, my life-long love affair with hockey and support for the immigrant community prompted me to donate 100 tickets to a Kingston Frontenacs game so that a large group of Syrian refugees, Kingston’s newest residents would be able to attend their first Canadian hockey game.

Locally I have been a member and supporter of the Kingston Rotary Club and Brush-a-mania. My humanitarian efforts have taken me as far afield as India and Jamaica where I provide free services to underprivileged youth. Closer to home, I have participated in free clinics on First Nations and Inuit communities.

As a business owner, husband and father of two young children, I have serious concerns about this country’s financial situation and the massive debt which will be left upon generations to come if the government does not focus seriously on the deficit and the national debt. As a health care professional in a modestly sized Canadian city, I am passionate about issues such as health care and the financial ability of families to afford quality health care. I believe Zach Typhair is the best person for the job to deal with these issues and that is why I am supporting him.

Karen Stos: Climate Policy Director

My name is Karen-Elaine Stos and I am family and community-oriented. I have been involved in social action groups all my life, from PETA to Greenpeace to XR.

I am working on Zachary’s campaign as the climate policy director. I’m voting for Zachary because of his incredibly strong commitment to social justice and the environment. 

The Green Party is our best hope for solving issues and looking over the heads of the status quo dinosaurs who influence our governments.

Marie Boddington: Field Director

Hello, my name is Marie Boddington. I am a PhD student at Queen’s studying biochemistry. I’ve been a Green party member for a couple of years now but I’ve recently gotten involved as a volunteer with the Kingston and the Islands Greens during the 2021 federal election. I’m really excited to be a part of Zachary’s team as the Field Director!

Sue Hains: Event Coordinator

I came to the Green Party,  probably later than I should have because it is the one party that aligns with my view of the world.

Last year I volunteered in Robert Kiley’s provincial campaign and again for his campaign for city councillor.  I look forward to supporting Zachary Typhair in the same way when he becomes the Green candidate for the provincial election.