Electoral Reform now

Like many Ontarians, I want to see true change, but when a party gets less than 50% of the vote and still wins a majority, it’s near impossible to see the changes we actually want. The NDP, Liberals and Conservatives have already proven that they won’t vote for electoral reform. We have majority provincial governments across Canada led by these 3 parties. What we need is a minority government where the Greens hold the balance of power.

I echo the calls from FairVote for Ontario’s government to form a Citizen Assembly instead of a referendum. This is an extremely important issue and partisan politics will only serve to make the situation worse. It’s because of this reason that I have left it out of my platform; electoral reform can’t come from any party, it has to come from citizens. This issue is one of the most important issues that all parties should agree on because it will improve our democracy.

When it comes to overhauling the voting system, politicians have an inescapable conflict of interest. They must step aside and let citizens lead, and if elected, that is what I will do.

For obtaining voter input on complicated policy ideas such as electoral reform, citizens’ assemblies are preferable to referendums. Allowing a varied and representative group of residents to gather information and come to an agreement will result in intelligent proposals that genuinely express citizens’ preferences. These Assemblies are used all over the world, Canada ought not be any different. It’s time to empower citizens to reform our democracy so that voters come first. 

I have always believed in empowering voters, and it’s this belief that made me choose to run as a Green candidate because we don’t whip votes. Electing me as your next MPP is electing an MPP that can put the concerns of Kingstonians first, something that we could see more of if we got rid of the first past the post system. 40% of the votes should mean 40% of the seats and that’s not up for discussion.

I guarantee that if I am elected as your next MPP, I will push for the government to set up a citizens assembly where citizens will make decisions on what electoral system we used for our next provincial election. I will also push to overturn Ford’s undemocratic decision to not allow municipalities to use ranked ballots. Kingston voted in favour of ranked ballots, Kingston voted in favour of rank ballot. How dare Ford to overturn our democratic voice.