It’s time for Ontario to implement a comprehensive Trans- , and gender-affirming healthcare coverage plan. Yukon is already funding Trans healthcare. It’s time for Ontario to join them.

22-43 percent of transgender people have attempted suicide in their lifetimes. 

Trans people are twice as likely to attempt suicide than Lesbian, Gay or Bisexual people.

Gender-affirming healthcare is widely considered a necessity and is important to the mental health and wellbeing of Trans, and non-binary people. A 2019 Trans PULSE Canada study found that 56 percent of Trans and non-binary Canadians rated their mental health as “fair or poor.”

There has been a proven, positive, change in mental health for Trans people, resulting from gender-affirming procedures. 

We have to implement the same plan as Yukon; anything less is a failure. I want to break the barriers that so many transgender people have to deal with on a regular basis. 

48 percent of Trans people in Canada make under $30,000 per year. As a minimum-wage worker myself, who also makes under $30,000 yearly, I know that there is no way they could afford the healthcare they need. 

Every day that Ontario and the rest of Canada don’t implement a comprehensive trans, and gender-affirming healthcare coverage plan, is a denial of the human rights of Trans and non-binary people. 

This is a human rights issue that shouldn’t be an issue in 2021. Ontario is going into 2022 without a plan; let’s not make the same mistake again. 

If elected as your MPP, I will push for the government to adopt comprehensive trans, and gender-affirming healthcare coverage within my first year in office.

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