Justin Trudeau called a snap election in hopes of winning a majority government. This is only in hopes to gain more power, nothing more. This election has put Canadians at risk. It was completely unnecessary to call an election. Trudeau is wasting taxpayers’ money and all other parties besides Liberal are in agreement with this. 

Of course, The NDP and Conservatives are no better than the Liberals; they too have all tried to use Covid to their benefit so they can rule with a majority government.

In New Brunswick on September 14, 2020, the Conservatives called a snap election. At the time, they held a minority government and the polls were showing that they were in majority territory. The conservatives may say Trudeau is playing politics but they basically did the exact same thing when they called a snap election and won a majority government.

In BC on October 24, 2020, the NDP called for a Snap election in hopes to form a majority government. Before that election, there was an agreement between the NDP and Greens regarding policy and both parties were working fine together. Things are different now, the BC NDP took the opportunity the pandemic gave them and won a majority. The NDP are just like the Liberals and conservatives, putting people at risk only for more power.

The Liberals also called a snap election in Nova Scotia in hopes of winning a majority but the conservatives ended up winning a majority.

While people say vote Trudeau out because he’s playing politics, they seem to overlook that the NDP or Conservatives, if in the same scenario as Trudeau, would call a snap election. Just because they present themselves as opposing the issue does not mean they aren’t a part of the issue. The difference is the Liberals called it when more people were vaccinated. 

I’m sick of hearing the NDP and Conservatives take the high ground and call Trudeau out when they themselves did the same thing and did it at a time covid was worse. They don’t care about you, they all put you at risk in hopes to gain more power.

The Greens and Bloc are the only parties that hold a seat in Parliament that can call out the Liberals because unlike the other three parties they haven’t called or supported a snap election during the pandemic. In fact, the Greens have been against every snap election during the pandemic.

You have a clear choice in this election, punish the status quo Parties and elect another minority government where the Greens hold the balance of power, or continue to let the problem perpetuate, and I can already tell the status quo think they all are coming out if this election stronger.. It’s time for change that Canadians can be proud of; our next government needs to be a minority government that will take matters such as climate change, affordable housing and the state of the pandemic seriously and help build a Green Recovery so we can make Canada more affordable, healthier and cleaner.

I don’t want to say that the choice should be obvious, but I also think it’s fair to say that the evidence speaks for itself.

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