Two days ago, I stated my intention to run for the Vice President position on the Green Party of Canada’s Federal Council. Today, I sent my application in to officially run with the 20 needed Nominators attached to that application.

If I am elected, my main and first intention is to move the party away from micromanaging and instead give more support to EDA’s.

I would also like to set up Google doc or something party can put contribute suggestions on how to fundraise, set up AGM, ect. Currently, many of these resources are locked behind the needed approval by the party for resource access. I usually found these docs by accident when I was looking for something else on the GPC website; it simply doesn’t make sense to have these things buried away. Making these docs more accessible would go a long way to help EDAs build a strong Green presence during and off election season.

I would also like to make templates for succession planning with regards to the executive. Many EDA’s executives members have the same people that serve for several years and EDAs don’t really have a substantial plan to appropriately find successors when they move on, especially for the CEO and FA positions, which are mandatory for the EDA to stay registered. The only way that we are going to win more seats is giving our EDAs more support so that they can build a Green presence during and off election season. 

Our EDA’S know their community’s issues; the party needs to give them more support so they can build connections with different groups within their communities. 

In addition, the party leaves their membership in the dark too often. The membership should be given a report about what the Federal Council approves/disapproves after each meeting. For example, Zatzman’s contact should have been told to the membership before he was even offered a contract. Council meetings, moreover, should always be open to the membership; we’re always talking about how our government needs to be more transparent, so why isn’t our council doing just that? I’m the CEO of my local EDA and we always open the executive meeting to the local membership; there’s no excuse why any other cannot do the same.

Even though I have hit the 20 nominations, I’m still accepting more; if you wisht to nominate me to become Vice president (English), please deliver the following message via email:

I,(your name), nominate Zachary Typhair as a candidate for the position of Vice President (English) to the Federal Council of the Green Party of Canada.

If you have any questions I can be reached at

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