High-speed railing in Canada has been an unrealized dream for both the Provincial and Federal governments for decades. The only things stopping us from moving with high-speed railing are a lack of political will and the money to fund it.

High speed railing is great for the economy and the environment. A Toronto-to-Montreal corridor has been studied before showing promising results; there’s a proposal from VIA Rail that would see trains travelling at over 200 km/h, bringing passengers from city to city in under an hour. If the Ontario and Quebec provincial governments worked together to build Canada’s first high-speed rail system, this could be a reality. 

High-speed railing could be pitched to commuters as an alternative to cars or planes — especially for business people who travel frequently between major cities, or perhaps our MPP’s, who have to travel from there riding to their province’s capital on a weekly basis. 

Yes, the environmental benefits are there and they would help Ontario and the rest of Canada to hit our climate goal, but it also would make Canadian cities an economic juggernaut. Connecting cities with high-speed rail systems would strengthen our economy immensely. 

It’s the mobility that we want, it’s the livability we need, so why is our government sitting on their hands? The likelihood is it’s because it will make our economy stronger and the oil industry will take a hit. This is why we need more Greens at Queens Park; Greens don’t have a whipped vote and we are committed to helping people not making a profit. Greens can not only assure the construction of a High-Speed Railing system but also ensure the prosperity and convenience that Ontario citizens deserve.

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