The majority of Ontarians agree that it’s time to merge our four school systems into one public, secular school system in each official language. For those who remain unconvinced, here’s why they feel this way:

In this province, all Ontario taxpayers pay for public education, yet we have two school systems that are for students of one religion only. That just does not seem right in this day and age. There might have been a period when it made sense to have English and French Catholic school systems, but not in multicultural Ontario today.

It’s not about faith or about politics, this is about what is best for our kids. It is estimated that in every official language, merging into one public, secular school system would save up to a billion dollars a year. We’d have a lot less bureaucracy and no service duplication.

Best of all, the money saved would make all our schools so much better by providing them with more resources to make even better programs that can really go the distance.

It’s time to start an open conversation about the reasons for one public system in each official language, especially with declining enrollment across Ontario, aging schools and budget cutbacks hurting the system right now. Other provinces have made the transition and seen the advantages. It’s Ontario’s turn now. The Green Party of Ontario is the only party that isn’t hiding away on these issues, we believe in doing what’s right, not what will score us brownie points.

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