Every election, we hear the same thing from the NDP and Liberals: Strategic-vote for them, or the Conservatives will win. 

Strategic voting doesn’t exist; it’s a fear tactic that is undemocratic and tells people that their vote doesn’t matter. 

Every election, we are told to strategic-vote or the Conservatives will win. This is just wrong; 2011 proved that, when we were told to strategic-vote for the NDP and the Conservatives received 39.62% of the popular vote and won a majority. Voter turnout was only 61.1%. 

Strategic voting leaves voters at home and leads to a Conservative win. It’s a Conservative strategy for low voter turnout because their base always shows up to vote.

The act of voting the lesser of two evils isn’t enough to get you the action you want. Across Canada right now, we have majority governments that are Liberal, Conservative, and NDP, yet no province has had electoral reform. All provinces are facing a housing crisis, a healthcare crisis, and are not doing enough on climate change. 

The only way we are going to get real action is with a minority government. Vote for who you want. Vote for the candidate you believe will make a better tomorrow. A tomorrow where your kids, your grandchildren can breathe clean air, where housing is more affordable, where our hospital wait times aren’t so bad that we are sending people to die because we don’t have the room to treat them.

A minority government forces our elected representatives to discuss amongst themselves and come up with a strategy that will actually make things better for the people. 

Majority governments only give the leading party the power to pass whatever they want without any discussion. 

In the next election, vote for who you want, vote for the candidate you believe will represent you the best. Don’t look at what party they are from; only look at who your candidate is, because at the end of the day, your candidate represents you, not their party!

Vote with your heart, not fear. It’s time to elect representatives that will put you, not their parties, first. 

The Green party is the only party in Queen’s Park that doesn’t have whipped voting, which means that Green MPP’s can vote for what their constituency wants even if it goes against the party leader. That’s what democracy is. Our elected representatives aren’t elected to represent their party, they’re elected to represent you.

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