I don’t usually talk ill about my workplace, and I have a lot of fond memories from working at my current job. But just like many others that feel trapped in their job, the longer they stay there, the more bitter they get. Happy memories get overtaken by depression. Working in a toxic workplace is a reality for too many Ontarians. It’s never easy to leave that job either; you have to take care of yourself, your family, and everything in-between. 

When we have people working two jobs just to survive, we are doing something wrong. With the resources that this nation has, it makes no sense that so many people are falling behind. We shouldn’t have our neighbours working twice as hard and falling further behind. Call me old-fashioned, but if you’re working one full-time job, that should be enough. 

I understand better than our elected representatives what their bailouts to big corporations have done to us, the workers that ensure those companies stay afloat. While they leave us behind, they tell us that they are saving our jobs and we should be thankful—YOU should be thankful—but for what? You work 40 hours a week; you allow the company you work at to flourish while you make a wage that you can barely survive off of. Nothing about that is right. 

My mother took midnight shifts to ensure that me and my brothers would live comfortably. Too many single parents work extra shifts to give their kids the best life possible…they sacrifice spending time with their kids because their first job just barely pays the bills and then the second job pays for daycare and food. There’s no reason that an 8 hour shift 5 days a week doesn’t cover the basic cost of living. 

I don’t care about “why” people aren’t earning a living wage, because that’s bullshit and our politicians know it as well. Every employer should pay their workers a living wage; this shouldn’t even be an issue. You work to make a living—you should be paid a wage that allows you to live. 

I hate politicians! Their excuses to keep giving handouts to big corporations instead of people and small businesses make me sick. It’s time to put our neighbors first. I’m not running for public office because I see myself as a politician, but because I see myself as your neighbor who is sick of hearing the same old story of “we can’t”. Isn’t it funny that they always have money to increase politicians’ wages but not yours? Action speaks louder than words. 

It’s time to introduce a living wage and stop corporations from skyrocketing prices on items. We need our elected representatives to take a stand against these corporations.

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