A few days ago, Doug Ford announced that he would stop municipalities from using ranked ballots for local elections. 

My anger cannot be expressed. In 2018 I and many other residents in Kingston voted in favor for ranked ballots. For Ford to tell us that our vote meant nothing isn’t only undemocratic, it’s treason. How dare he overturn a democratic decision without holding another referendum. Kingstonians said they wanted electoral reform, and that’s what they should get. 

I have a firm belief that no democratic decision should be overturned without another democratic vote. Ford has shown us why a majority government fails the people every time. A majority government believes they are higher than the people; almost three years have passed since Ford was elected and his majority government still hasn’t fixed anything! Our healthcare system is broken, it’s too expensive to live in Ontario, climate change has been put on the back burner…but I would never have thought that a democratic government would deny the people a democratic system. 

No matter what party you vote for or where you are on the political spectrum, this is an attack on your rights.

When a majority government overturns a democratic decision, they are no longer working for the people but against them. This move is downright illegal and this bill should not make it past the house. Every MPP should vote this bill down and uphold democracy.

If you are in a city that had a referendum in 2018 for your city to use ranked ballots, call Doug Ford’s office at 416-325-1941. 

As many of you know, I have put in my application to run for the provincial Green nomination. If I am vetted and nominated I will ensure that every candidate in Kingston and The Islands pledges to uphold democracy and ensure that municipalities are able to choose if they want a better electoral system. 

We need a minority government because then things like this won’t happen; a minority government has proven to be better for the people and it ensures that no one party can bulldoze over people’s rights.

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