If you’ve been in any public space throughout the past two decades, you’ve come across at least one brand of bottled water, by and large the most prominent being Dasani. It should come as no surprise that, coming from the creators of Coca-Cola, this brand of bottled water has swept its way into many people’s households and so many restaurants. However, many people do not know what exactly they are about to put into their bodies when they purchase a Dasani bottle. 

So why is Dasani water so bad for you? Well, let’s look at what was discovered when Dasani water was first released in the UK.

About 15 years ago Coca-Cola decided to introduce the Dasani brand to the UK, and then recall it after a wave of controversy came their way when it was discovered that Dasani water sold in the UK contained illegally high amounts of bromate, which has been found as a potential cause of cancer. This of course is far from the only thing that the Coca-Cola company has been sneaking into the Dasani brand for years; potassium chloride found in the mineral additives is deliberately added for the sake of making consumers more thirsty. 

So it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that such a controversy even emerged. This, however, only begs the question: how exactly has Dasani still managed to retain its standing in Western regions such as Canada and the United States? 

One would think that Dasani would be banned in Canada due to the negative health effects combined with the now widely known truth about how single use plastic water bottles are actually treated by waste management operations.

The harsh reality of the matter though, and what many people don’t really seem to take into consideration, is the fact that there’s a much bigger stigma at play that’s preventing Dasani from being put out of production. The biggest reason why Dasani water still remains is because of the fear of tap water instilled by bottled water brands and their billions of dollars worth of advertising. Unfortunately, choosing bottled over tap doesn’t even matter because the vast majority of bottled water brands are produced using water tapped directly from public access water supplies, including Dasani’s Canadian Branch which literally gets its water from Calgary’s water reserve straight from the tap. 

The stigma surrounding tap water has made it easy for major brand names to manipulate people into thinking that their products are the safer alternative. They’re not. They take from our water supplies at a cheap discount, then sanitize the water with more harmful chemicals. Dasani water is more harmful than tap water and worse for the environment. 

So tell me, why do we still allow these companies to continue their production of these products in the first place? Is there any substantial advantage to allowing over a thousand bottles per minute to be thrown out in Ontario alone, just so that Dasani water can use our water supply for pennies and put people’s health in jeopardy? It’s time for Ontario to follow suit with the UK, Germany, and France, just to name a few countries to ban Dasani water. These countries have also already demonstrated to us that there are far more viable solutions for clean water than bottled water.

It’s time to put people and the planet over big corporations. It’s time to ban Dasani water and protect Ontario’s water supply and people’s health.

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