It’s safe to say that the coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty amongst the population of Ontario with regards to what is going to occur within the near future, what can and ought to be done and how we should go about fixing things. Of course that’s not to say that there are not any solutions to this problem, but the problem arises more so from who is going to provide them. Suffice to say, between the different proposals brought forwards by the various parties of Ontario, I’m confident in stating that, if you wish to take care of the biggest barriers the coronavirus pandemic has placed in our way, your choice ought to be The Green Party. It is my strong belief that in following their example, we can properly make the recovery that Ontario needs to get back on track towards a more prosperous future; all I ask you in return is to hear what they have to say.

I can attest first hand from my observation of the state of the province that, more than anything, the largest effect the coronavirus has laid upon the population is the lifestyle of isolation we’ve been essentially forced into; of course, there is hope for Ontario to be able to move around this barrier in its way, but it must come first and foremost from the unification of our community and it’s efforts to keep itself afloat, and at the heart of this unification come a few key components.

First is the maintenance and support for our frontline workers, who, through the entirety of the pandemic, provided the utmost perfection of essential services. I believe it’s fair to say that, given how much they provide for us, we ought to provide these workers the compensation they deserve for their hard work, including resources like a paid sick leave and a substantial living wage, so that they can keep themselves safe along with the rest of us.

Second should come the expansion of job opportunities and positions across the province, including and especially those that promote and maintain an ecologically friendly approach. Having our current frontline workers out and about is important, but I believe there’s still room for more people to join in our efforts. Ontario more than has the potential to be the leading innovator in industries that promote the pro-green lifestyle, we just need to tackle the right issues, mainly reducing carbon emissions, prioritizing the use of alternative energy in housing and vehicle manufacturing among other areas, and encouraging a more sustainable approach to resource management, especially woodlands.

Third, expanding upon that last statement, the maintenance and improvement upon the Canadian Housing market, Neighborhood environments and other associated concerns should also be among our top priorities. I can speak from personal experience the difficulty of affording quality housing, and I believe it is fair to say that the citizens of Ontario deserve much better; not only must we assure housing is affordable and optimal for basic living conditions, we must also have a system in place that guarantees them a satisfactory life as part of a community, including the many public services that power our cities, such as public transport, roadway lanes and other forms of compensation for alternative modes of transportation.

Fourth comes the protection of produce, prescriptions and other associated necessities that power our population in the first place. Taking into consideration the issue of home grown produce losing its place in the provincial market, it ought be time that we start looking elsewhere for our grocery needs and give these people the support they deserve. The same applies to the other necessities we rely on on a daily basis, including and especially our healthcare system and water supplies. This practice goes beyond the obvious ecological and financial needs that must be upheld such as wetlands protection, reduction in mass pollution and upkeeping resources for services for physical and mental health maintenance; it involves the collaboration and cooperation of every Ontario citizen to grow back what we reap for a more plentiful harvest in the future.

Last and just as important, even the non-essential services of our province must be upheld for us to make the best recovery possible. I understand the convenience of going to a major brand name chain, but there are many other options out there for you, and I heavily suggest you look into them. More than any other demographic, the local business owners of Ontario have truly suffered as a result of the pandemic, which ultimately is why we need to give them the support they deserve to provide the excellent services that they do. Considering the sheer diversity of the services provided thanks to our local businesses, they are undoubtedly among the most important things we must protect.

The Green Party Of Ontario has always strived towards providing for the needs and concerns of the general population of our province, and now more than ever, it is integral that we take the steps necessary to make things better for ourselves moving forward. For this reason, I urge everyone reading this to please read through the recovery plan in full to better understand what the Green Party has in store.

For several months now, the Green Party Of Ontario has been carefully crafting its plans to help lift the province out of its current state of affairs, and I am confident that, along with the citizens of Ontario, they will step up to the plate and help make the decisions necessary to effect genuine change for our home. While I wish to see the best for Ontario in the future past the pandemic, I understand that it takes a lot more than one man’s hands to tear a wall down. If I could ask of you all for one simple favour, it would be to give a helping hand out alongside me so that we can move towards greener pastures.

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