For this post, I would like to follow up on a subject that I have covered in the past, mainly with the intent to expand upon what was previously said given the new information that has come to light.

Many of us have already seen firsthand how exactly the coronavirus has contributed to the erosion of business all across the world, displacing many workers and ultimately forcing them into a situation that puts their livelihoods on the line. With this in mind, I have to ask whether or not the provincial government’s decision to raise the minimum wage by $0.25CAD is really enough to support the population in these trying times.

Keep in mind that, according to recent statistics collected by Statistics Canada, the average Canadian household spends roughly $7,100.00CAD per month. You can do the math yourselves folks; even with the increase in minimum wage, this is nowhere near a payrate sufficient enough to support the average Canadian, and assuming the provincial government has no intentions to follow up on these actions, it’s likely that these minimum wage workers, the people who are most negatively affected by the pandemic, will only continue to struggle for survival even after the crisis has blown over.

There is no substantial enough reason, why the provincial government would be unable to enforce a minimum wage standard that would be sufficient enough to maintain an individual livelihood. If we as a nation truly want to be able to move past this pandemic, we ought to start by addressing the problems in our nation which are most dire and which negatively impact the most people. It begins by providing the population not just what they need to survive, but what they ought to have the right to. The workers who help to provide the essential services we use every day deserve so much more than a measly bonus on top of what is already an abhorrently insufficient pay-rate.

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