A few days ago was the throne speech. I have had a few days now to reflect on the promises the Liberals made, many promises that were on my platform when I ran for the Green Party of Canada nomination in Kingston and The Islands in 2018-2019. I was passionate about these issues then and I am even more passionate about them now especially because I am sitting on the sidelines trusting that our minority government will make do on what Trudeau’s Liberals promised.

Trudeau’s Liberals promised to the people to:

  1. Tackle the climate emergency: by creating a million jobs with a focus on climate, immediately bringing forward a plan to exceed our 2030 climate goals, and legislating Canada’s climate targets.
  2. Tax the super-rich: by forcing Big Tech to pay their fair share.
  3. Put our health first: by introducing national standards for long-term care and a national universal pharmacare program.
  4. Uphold Indigenous rights: by legislating the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the end of the year.

I am hopeful that all of these promises will be kept and moving on track before the next election. For now, it’s Trudeau’s word and I will not get my hopes up as I did in 2015 with the PR promises, but I will give Trudeau the benefit of the doubt and trust him to make good on these promises. 

Trudeau ran his re-election about action on climate change; the sad reality, if he fails in his promises to immediately bring forward a plan to exceed our 2030 climate goals and legislate Canada’s climate targets, is that he will have put all of us in danger and cost the lives of the next 7 generations. We cannot afford another year of inaction on climate change. 

Many of these promises shouldn’t be an issue in 2020. Canada spends more money on health care per capita than the UK, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand and Denmark, all of which have free pharmacare. People should not have to choose between paying their bills or for prescriptions that can help them. We shouldn’t be debating about free pharmacare by the time the next election happens (assuming there isn’t a snap election within a year).

I still can’t believe the Liberals have not stopped loopholes that allow big corporations to not pay their fair share of taxes or to allow big streaming companies like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. to not pay taxes. 

I’m sorry but it’s 2020 and we are still talking about reconciliation. In 2011 a Conservative majority promised that and they broke it; Trudeau won a majority in 2015, promised reconciliation and broke it. We have a minority government and I don’t care what party you are part of; if you don’t pressure the Trudeau government to make reconciliation now, none of you deserve to be re-elected. Our government should be hearing the protest against the Kinder Morgan pipelines, the Indigenous communities not having clean drinking water while our elected representatives drink clean water, and most importantly families being torn apart and living in fear. Every day, more and more missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls are added to the continuously growing count. That alone should break your heart. My family is important to me and losing anyone in my family would be hard enough but it would be ten times worse to know that they were murdered or missing and no one was doing anything about it, and not being able to have closure because no one is investigating. NO MORE! All parties should work together to make real reconciliation and ensure that Indigenous communities are safe and not in poverty conditions.

Many of these promises we heard lacked detail and in the coming weeks, cabinet ministers will receive a mandate letter from Prime Minister Trudeau, outlining their priorities and how they’re going to turn these promises into plans. Words are not enough, we now need action. 

With a minority government, I am hopeful we will get the action that we were promised!

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