The New Brunswick election is only a few weeks away and there are many ridings that the Green Party of New Brunswick is polling 1st or less than 12% behind first. Momentum is building for the Greens in NB and we could see a historic breakthrough for the Greens in NB on September 14!

These are the top ridings to watch for on September 14 if you’re a Green supporter.

Fredericton South: David Coon

Twitter username:@DavidCCoon

David the incumbent and Leader of New Brunswick Greens has a huge lead polling at 65.7%.

Kent North: Kevin Arseneau

Twitter username: @KevinArseneauNB

Kevin is one of the 3 Green MLA in New Brunswick and is polling at 54.6% which is more than 20% from the candidate in second.

Memramcook-Tantramar: Megan Mitton

Twitter username: @meganmitton

Megan is also one of the 3 Green MLA in New Brunswick and she is polling at 45.5% which is almost 15% ahead from the candidate polling in second.

As you can see all 3 Green MLA look good to get re-elected on September 14. 

There are many ridings where Greens are polling in second places and there is a lot of time for momentum to build for Greens to win in other areas but For right now there are 4 ridings where Greens are polling 12% or less behind first.

Fredericton North: Luke Randall

Twitter username: @luke_candidate

Luke is in a tight race 3 party races and ahead of the incumbent almost 5% and less than 4% behind first. 

Fredericton West-Hanwell: Susan Jonah

Twitter username: @SusanJonah1

Susan is polling a distant second from the third candidate with 27.4% and gaining momentum on the incumbent.

Fredericton-York: Melissa Fraser

Facebook page: Melissa Fraser – Green Candidate for Fredericton-York 

Melissa Fraser is less than 10% away from first and gaining momentum. With the election a few weeks away now Frederction-york will be another riding where Greens could win on September 14.

Restigouche West: Charles Thériault

Candidate page: Restigouche West – Green Party NB”

Charles is neck to neck in a two way races against the Incumbent and is only polling 1.2% behind. This will be an exciting riding to watch for. This will definitely be a nail iter riding to watch on September 14!

With just a few weeks left until the election, these ridings will be the ridings for Greens to watch. There are a total of 15 ridings where Greens are polling 1st or second.

I use 338 Canada to base the polls off.

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