Our government response to centuries of anti-Black racism can’t be one in silence or excuses. The inspiration that Canada is somehow special or immune does a disservice to Black and Indigenous groups and other humans of colour who recognize what racism feels like every day.

Canada has an extended and dark legacy of colonialism, oppression, exploitation, or even slavery. We too have systems that are steeped in racism and discrimination and built on the false idea of white supremacy.

To eliminate systematic racism, we need to look at incarceration rates, food security, homelessness and so many other elements to recognize that racial inequities stay in Ontario. Racism is not simply just violence – it is variations in rights, privilege and opportunity baked into our establishments over generations to oppress human beings of colour.

Defeating racism is an active method of unlearning and re-educating, of going through the trouble head-on and remaking our society in the true idea of equality.

If we’re going to get rid of racism from our groups, then it’s miles those who’ve benefited from the tradition of white supremacy who should work harder to combat it.

The Ford government is flagrantly violating plans that exist to address racial inequities in our province.

People and communities of colour need to understand why anti-racism efforts are being stalled and ignored.

Systemic racism exists, and we’ve got a responsibility to work tough to eradicate it!

As Mike Schreiner said “Addressing systemic racism and discrimination and advancing equality in our institutions in this province is long overdue. There are many capable voices leading the discussion on these social justice issues in Ontario. We believe that our role is not to create solutions to these problems, but to amplify the voices of our allies and bring their proposals to the forefront of provincial political discussions.”

As a Green member and Vice president for the Green Party of Ontario constituency association in Kingston and The Islands, I echo the Green Party of Ontario platform on Addressing systemic racism. These policies below are directly from the party platform and I believe the government should implement it before the end of the year. We need to be bold and act fast to end systemic racism, this shouldn’t be an issue in 2020 and it definitely shouldn’t be an election issue in 2022!

  1. Support the Anti-Racism Directorate which enables the incorporation of an anti-racism perspective in all aspects of government policies.
  2. Make age-appropriate curriculum on Residential Schools, Treaties, and Indigenous peoples’ historical and contemporary contributions to Canada a mandatory education requirement for Kindergarten to Grade Twelve students.
  3. Oppose racial profiling, street checks or carding by police.
  4. Destroy the information that that was unfairly collected over the years from unconstitutional ‘carding’ stops.
  5. Help more newcomers access services they need by doubling the funding for immigrant settlement programs and economic bridging programs.
  6. Empower the Ontario Human Rights Commission to conduct compliance reviews of public institutions and organizations to ensure policies and procedures are in place that comply with OHRC requirements and to ensure supportive workplace environments that achieve OHRC objectives.
  7. Reform child welfare programs to address the over-representation of Indigenous and Black youth in child services.

You can read more on this at https://gpo.ca/vision/people/#1521514742244-ef3c8dd2-19e7

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