Poverty in Canada is far-reaching and our present social projects don’t dispense with destitution; they propagate destitution. 

Ending foundational destitution implies reexamining the framework. Canada is among the most extravagant nations on the planet. We have the assets and ability to make a genuinely just society. Canada’s social safety net was grown right around 50 years back. There have been no intense developments since the legislature of Lester B. Pearson. It is now the ideal opportunity for the following significant developments – pharmacare and Guaranteed Liveable Income. We can dispose of destitution and make a more advantageous, more grounded Canada. 

The present destitution bandage framework energizes an underground economy – direct exchanges of money – to evade detection of kickback neediness installments. We have to close down the underground economy and guarantee appropriate tax collection. It will cost far less than what we pay presently in maintaining densely bureaucratic social frameworks, and instead distribute the numerous different costs destitution forces on our general public.

When Ford made his cuts, Mike Schreiner, the leader of the Green Party of Ontario and the MPP for Guelph said, “Ford promised to continue Ontario’s Basic Income pilot, but it didn’t take the conservatives long to pull the plug on a program that was helping 4,000 Ontarians out of poverty.”

For quite a long time, the Green Party of Ontario has been upholding the Basic Income Guarantee as an approach to ensure an existence of dignity for all Ontarians.

The early signs showed that the venture was working. Individuals were returning to class, looking for some kind of employment, and living in respectable lodging. But now the administration is removing cash from individuals who were turning their lives around.

Such a large number of individuals have become victims of Ford’s “cut first, think later” plan, particularly now with COVID-19. On the off chance that we had had a Universal Basic Income Guarantee, Ontarians would now be in an ideal position to cope with the situation. Instead, sad stories have poured in about individuals compelled to go to food banks just to eat, so their family can survive as they are forced to live on the streets and do dubious work. 

Our social welfare framework needs effective arrangements, not cuts! COVID-19 has shown us that we need a Universal Basic Income Guarantee.

I have strongly believed we need to take action now to end poverty in Canada if we had affordable housing, Living wage, and Universal basic income poverty in Canada would be history!

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