In 2018, Ontario voted for a Conservative majority government who took no time in breaking their campaign promise. In 2015 the same thing happened when the Liberals were elected. Unfortunately, this has been happening for decades. Decades of politicians have left a trail of broken campaign promises, resulting in people thinking that there’s no point in voting because “all politicians are the same” — words every canvasser has heard more than once. If it’s not the broken promises that have left voters at home, it’s the campaigns that focus on voting against something instead of for something.

In 2019, I ran for the Green Party of Canada nomination in Kingston and the Islands. I signed up 8 members who had previously never joined a political party or voted on a previous election. (All 8 of them were older than 35). All of them signed up to be a member in late March and April after I released my platform. Why did they join? Because instead of talking about why I’m better than my opponent, or why the other parties suck, I talked instead about my vision of how I wanted to build a better Canada.

People are sick of the same old politics. That’s why the Greens have the advantage in 2022. Greens have refused to use attack ads in the past and will not use them in 2022 either. It’s a small advantage, but it will play a huge role in getting more Greens elected.

While Greens don’t play dirty, we do get caught up in defending ourselves when the other parties attack us, especially when strategic voting comes up. Defending ourselves stops us from talking about how we are going to build Ontario up. When another Canadian waste their time attacking a Green candidate, it actually gives Greens more time to talk. The best way to respond to strategic voting during a debate is to say, “I believe every vote matters and that’s why if I’m elected I will work to…” (and talk about any issue you deemed important). Another candidate just wasted their time talking about strategic voting and gave more time for the Green candidate to respond to issues. This allows them to talk more on a previous question or on another issue that hasn’t been brought up at the debate. When the other parties attack, the best thing to do isn’t to attack them or defend but instead, talk about how you are going to build Ontario up.

The Greens have a great platform, and the way to win in 2022 is to make voters feel like they are voting for a better tomorrow, and not voting against someone.

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