On Saturday, January 11, Kingston Greens elected the new Executive for the upcoming year, and I was elected as the Vice President. I am deeply honoured to represent the Party and the members of our community as your Vice President.

I strongly believe that we can win in Kingston and the Islands in 2022 if we continue to put the work in now to build a foundation. Last year the Executive kept a strong Green presence, proving that the Greens don’t hide after the election. Win or lose, we will always fight for the people of this great city.

You can check what I want to accomplish and what goals I want complete with the Executive here. I have set up a personal goal for this year to help grow the local membership and give us the best shot at winning here in 2022, sending another Green MPP to Queen’s Park.

I personally want to sign up 30 new members by reaching out to people within the community, my family and friends, encouraging them to buy a Green Membership to bring real change. I know the new Executive will build our membership this coming year and that’s why I want to bring 30 friends, family, and colleagues to the party. The best way to win in 2022 is to have an army of supporters.

We have a strong Executive that will increase our local membership and build a war chest for the next provincial election. Together we can build the foundation needed to run a winning campaign.

I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues and the local membership to paint Kingston and the Islands Green.

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