Today (December 04, 2019) I threw my application in to run for the vice president position on the Green Party of Ontario Constituency Association in Kingston and the Islands.

Before I tell you why I feel I have the qualifications for the position, I would like to share a little bit more about my experience with the Green Party and our local candidates. I first joined the Green party in 2017 and ran for the youth representative position. After going uncontested, I dedicated my time to working on Robert Kiley’s campaign, bringing youth issues upfront. After the Campaign, I continued to work on Rob’s and former Green candidate Bridget Doherty’s City Council campaigns. I have held two more executive positions, one on the Electoral District Association as membership and volunteer chair, and the other in the Constituency Association as the communications director. I also stepped up to run for the federal nomination, in which I lost by six votes to our 2019 federal candidate Candice Christmas. During my nomination campaign, I signed up 11 new members, something I hope to triple by this time next year.

I think of myself as an honest hardworking individual that would do whatever it takes to increase our membership and have a stronger Green presence during and off election season. The reason I am making the jump to the vice president position is that I am looking for a bigger challenge. I feel that the role of vice president would be something that I will have to work hard at in order to do a successful job, which I know I can accomplish. I know this because of my current and previous roles in the party; I will bring youthful optimism and energy if you elect me to be your vice president.

As I have mentioned, I am the current communications director of the Constituency Association, and my experience from my nomination bid and work on others’ campaigns have helped me to gain a sense of what it takes to be a leader within the party and in our community. If elected, I plan to put these leadership qualities to work as best I can. This includes attending various meetings and events throughout the community to build a strong Green presence and to recruit new members. I believe that Kingston Greens is the opposition to our local representative. As a Green, I believe that we should support other parties when they do things right but also call them out if they don’t. I believe that we must work with our local MPP to limit Ford’s damage as much as possible. During elections, we must work to get more Greens into office, but off election, whether we win or lose we have to ensure that our community is being represented. Kingston Greens is the opposition to our local representative because we don’t hide after the election.

I will build a stronger relationship between your new executive and the local membership while continuing to build our membership. I believe that the Green Party can win the 2022 provincial election in Kingston and the Islands. This is a sample of what I picture for the next few years leading up to the 2022 provincial election; this isn’t everything but it’s a foundation that I would like to convince the new executive to execute:

Kingston Greens must be at as many events as we can whether wearing our Kingston Greens shirts, walking and giving out flyers or manning a booth. This is something that the current executive has done an amazing job at.

In 2020, hold at least two events to get members involved, centred around building connections instead of simply fundraising. Of course, we need the fundraisers but we also need to make connections with the public.

Hold a youth event to get young voters to engage with the party and hear their issues.

In 2021, hold a nomination meeting. We need more than a year to get our candidate out. Having our candidate nominated long before the writ drops allows us to get the candidate known and build connections with the community before any other party does. It also allows the candidate to form a local platform that can be ready to be released right when the writ drops.

In 2018 The Green Party of Ontario made history in Kingston and The Islands when Robert Kiley became the first person In Kingston and the Islands to become a deputy party leader for a provincial party. I want to make history again by making a bid to the Green Party of Ontario to have the 2021 Annual General Meeting in Kingston and The Islands. If we succeed in getting the Annual General Meeting to be in Kingston, we can build on that momentum right into electing Kingston and the Islands’ first Green MPP!

We need a vice president that can put the Party and the community first. Fortunately for me, I have an easy upcoming year that will benefit me time-wise for this role of vice president. Having this free time will allow me to put more effort into the position and allow me to have more time to work harder at the different tasks that will arise if I am elected. As stated before, if I am elected I plan to do whatever it takes to do a thorough job as vice president and help build the momentum that is needed to elect Kingston and the Islands’ first Green MPP. I hope that you all will have confidence in my leadership.

At the 2018 Green Party of Canada convention

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