The Green Party’s Vision Green is the made-in-Canada version of the US Green new deal. We supported the Green new deal before it was popular. Now we have released Mission Possible, which is only more proof that the Green Party has Canada’s only comprehensive plan to avoid climate catastrophe. The Green party is dedicated to ensuring that this and the next 7 generations have a future.

If I am nominated as your 2019 federal Green candidate for Kingston and the Islands I will uphold and fight for the other candidates to agree with Mission possible on the campaign trail.

A Multi-party cabinet is essential so that we can rescue democracy (& life on earth) from politics. Also so the best of all parties can work together for the common good. We need Elizabeth in the cabinet – she listens, speaks to everyone’s concerns.

Being your representative isn’t about being popular it’s about putting policies that put people first and ensure we all have a future because climate change isn’t an environmental issue, it is a serious security threat to humanity.

We must put petty party politics behind us and work together to get the best results for Canadians.

For more information on Mission possible go here:

For more Information on Green Vision go here:

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