April 23, at the RCHA club this evening to watch the PEI Election 2019 results live.

Few takeaways from PEI election.

The results are still coming in and could elect more Greens (big maybe). It looks like the Green Party of Prince Edward Island has secured a place in the history books by becoming the first Green Party in North America to finish second in a provincial or state election.

This is by all means not a loss for the Green party. We elected 9X the number of MLA form the last election.

In 2015 the Greens popular vote was 19.99% has jumped up to 30.8% (currently from what has been counted) of the popular vote, a massive gain.

The Greens could form Government with the Liberals so PEI might have elected a Green government. If that doesn’t happen they will be the official opposition!

The Green party elected the most women and had more women win than men.

The Green was the only party that re-elected all their MLA heading into the election.

Congratulations to the wonderful Green Party of PEI volunteers and candidates for all of their hard work. Each and every one of you guys made tonight possible. You all made history.

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