For years politicians have told you what they were going to do for you, but once elected they would go back on their promises. Yet when campaign season comes again they will tell you that they have been working on this issue and if you elected them again they will even do more. After campaigning for the last 11 months I have found that one thing is more important than your issue as a politician, and that’s your story behind that issue.

A few weeks ago I got to talk to women who had to move because they could no longer afford to live in Kingston. During her story, one woman talked about how she has always lived here. Her kids went to school and played sports here. Listening to her tell her story while crying broke my heart. It broke my heart to know that someone had so much history in Kingston and wanted to continue to make even more memories here, but couldn’t ‘because she couldn’t afford the cost of living in the town where she had always lived.

Her story broke my heart but what she said at the beginning when she first talked to me was about how people view politicians. She said, “Oh I’m sorry but I’m moving and won’t be voting in this riding.” I replied, “oh but do you mind if I ask what your biggest issue is?” It still surprises me that she was stunned I said that instead of moving on. After I was finished talking to her I went home and thought about how many people feel that politicians only care about their vote. The more stories I hear, no matter if it’s about affordability, health problems, etc., I’m hearing people for whom it’s not the first time telling it to a politician.

People feel betrayed by their representatives, and our government is too busy blaming the other party for why people are not engaged in politics. I for one think that it’s all parties’ and candidates’ faults. It’s why to me, the most importation thing for this election isn’t to win but to hear your issue and convince you to vote. Not to vote for me but vote for the person you believe will best represent you. I hope that person will be me but I would prefer to lose the election with 100% voter turnout and receive only 1% of the vote than to win an election with only 25% voter turnout.

Why? Do I want to win? You may be asking that about me yourselves. Of course, I do, and I believe I can win the nomination and the election, but I’m not running to win, I want to but that’s not why I’m running. I’m running because I want to make the community stronger by representing all of Kingston. It’s why my goal is to increase voter turnout and bring in people that feel they have been forgotten and don’t vote because they feel there is no point. I want to be your Green voice for this campaign and in Parliament. Canadians deserve better; you deserve better. It’s why my platform focuses on issues that so many in Kingston have told me is an issue to them. Kingston can only get stronger with a stronger community.

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