Just like most Canadians, I watched the dawn of the Green wave in 2011 when we elected our first Green MP. After months of telling my friends and teachers that the Greens will win a seat only to be laughed at, I’ll never forget coming to school the next day and bragging that we pulled the underdog win in BC. The next day I got to watch Elizabeth May’s winning speech. Hearing her strong optimistic view on the 2011 election and what she would do showed me the momentum I admire her. Fast forward to 2015 – Elizabeth May was making a name for herself and the Green Party: Winning the Hardest Working Parliamentarian of the Year award; allowing other Canadians to see how much work a single Green was doing. Seeing how much work she did during her first year as a lone Green MP made me proud to be a Green; she became my hero. It’s easier to be a leader with a victory than being a leader when you didn’t get the results you were looking for. In 2015 Greens were hopeful that Canada would elect more Greens. However, Elizabeth May would go back to Parliament Hill as a single Green MP. After the election, rather than focusing on why we didn’t elect more Greens, she focused on what needs to be focused on to help all Canadians. Some may say that 2011 was the start of the Green wave but I think 2015 was because even though we only had one Green elected, the Greens began to be seen as more than a one issue party. After 2015 we elected 3 Greens in BC and for the first time, Greens held a minority government in Canada. Then we elected 3 more Greens in NB; one in Ontario; then two more elected in PEI. From 2015-2018 we elected at once 9 times the number of Green representatives the Green Party had had elected before. Now it’s time for the Green wave to finally hit big! In PEI the Green Party is polling first place. If they win PEI will have elected Canada’s first Green government. 2019 will go down in history as the year the Green wave became a tsunami. Electing Canada’s first Green government and sending the first Green caucus. The Green party is polling the highest they have ever, and the writ hasn’t even dropped yet. One thing is clear. In 2019 we have to vote with our heart, vote for change. We can elect Kingston-and-the-Islands’ first Green MP and fight for affordable housing, a seniors strategy, and a living wage. The Green tsunami isn’t a huge win for the party, it’s a win for Canada, our future. The Green tsunami represents hope and a new way of doing politics. Let’s make history in Kingston and vote Green. Kingston-and-the-Islands has a long history of running strong candidates and I’m asking for your support to uphold that. Win or lose Kingston will have a strong Green candidate because this community brings the best out of us. I’m ready to make history together!

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